How to Use Sex and Drugs to be Enlightened!

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Noble Secrets From an Orthodox Buddhist ex-Monk (the guide series – part 1)

This is the first in a series of articles. In today’s Psychedelic Renaissance, there’s no fully enlightening information. This series fills that void. Be thoroughly prepared, and you’ll have the best adventure. Next article: How to Create Powerful Psychedelic Sex Rituals! British spelling is a conscious choice.

Legal Disclaimer: Pre-existing psychological and physical conditions may render any experimentation with certain meditation and yoga techniques direly consequential. Under no circumstances whatsoever should any part of this article be construed as an endorsement of activities where the law prohibits them, no matter how a statement is expressed. Due diligence is everyone’s personal responsibility. In light of all of the above statements, all liability is disclaimed.

Her face was only a foot from mine as we lay on her living room rug in each other’s arms. We were mildly high on a little pot.

“Watch this,” she said.

Two moments later, I was standing ten feet away, adrenal glands squirting and heart pumping. Somehow, I’d sprung straight up and back.

“Whoa!” I screamed, panting. In the moment in between, my new lover’s face had suddenly and totally morphed into a bizarre beast.

“What did you see?” she asked.

“Your head became twice its size! A completely different creature with these big simian nostrils! Its face had leathery, wrinkled skin so black it was almost blue the way the light in the room reflected off it.”

I breathed deeply to calm the pounding in my chest, waiting for the racing to slow. Swallowing hard before continuing, I tried not to sound so freaked.

“Your hair turned into this coarse, tawny-colored fur with bushy eyebrows the same color. Your – its – eyes were huge! With big red irises and big black pupils! And it was right here, just staring at me, deadpan!”

“Oh goody!” she said, clapping her hands. “Yamantaka. The yak-headed god. That’s who you were supposed to see. I’ve been doing his mantra daily for three years.”

I’d just come face to face with a Tibetan Buddhist tantric deity.

Introducing the powerful sex goddess who knows how to be more

A week and a half later I ran into her ex on the street. He grew the best indoor pot I’d ever smoked. My new lover told me it was because he meditated daily with his plants.

We’d met several weeks before when I’d participated in a Tibetan tsok (‘feast offering,’ a type of ceremony that includes invocation) in English to another deity, Vajrayogini. Their small group performed this ritual once a month on the traditional day of the moon for such. We smoked some of his herb during a break in the proceedings.

Vajrayogini, the ‘Diamond Yogini’ (a yogini is a female practitioner of yoga) is also called the ‘Red Dakini.’ She rules over a semi-wrathful, sexually superior form of finer-frequency beings. These are the Dakinis (Sanskrit: ‘sky dancers’), a category of Devas, (‘the shining ones’). ‘Uber-sexy Angels’ doesn’t quite cut it as a translation for Dakinis, but it starts to give you the idea. They can also be Hellions in a snit.

Vajrayogini is the archetype or ‘embodied sentient primordial force’ of this semi-wrathful class. As such, she is potentially quite volatile. Never underestimate her in that. She’s not always wrathful, just when she wants to be. Other times, when it suits her, this goddess is the most seductive, irresistible enchantress that you could ever imagine but didn’t know enough to.

In Tibetan Tantra, ‘The Shining Diamond Who Bestows Sacred Union’ is the awakened female sexual access to the matrix of existence. It is she who grants the sexual initiation to the deserving yogi.

Be sure this remarkable ability transforms your being

I told this quiet and intriguing grower about the shift I’d seen in his ex. He looked both ways before answering to make sure we were alone. Lowering his voice anyway, he responded.

“Last month [his girlfriend] and I went to [a town nearby] for a Yamantaka tsok. It was in English as well. By the time it came to the offerings, the guy who was leading it had completely morphed. You’d swear it was Yamantaka pacing back and forth at the front, speaking in the guy’s voice.” He chuckled, continuing, “It was the most complete case of transmogrification I’ve ever seen. It was really impressive.”

That was over twenty-six years ago. To this day, according to Google, there’s nothing written anywhere about shape-shifting being part of Tibetan Buddhism except in a practice they call ‘dream yoga.’ It’s part of their traditionally confidential ceremonies, which are now long published, but is considered to be metaphorical, merely a personal visualization in meditation. An authentic piece of esoteric knowledge, it’s a secret hidden in plain view. Only the initiated can see it for what it is.

That small group of Tibetan Buddhists with some morph-savvy practitioners knew well the value of LSD, MDMA (pure ‘Ecstasy’ or ‘Molly’), and other entheogens (substances that generate the divine within) for their sexual practices. My lover in the group introduced me to MDMA. Ritual always accompanied its use.

My teacher of Red (sexual) Tantra, whom I met years later, had the amazing ability to morph spectacularly into the archetypal sexual goddess. This brilliant lady considered such access to be every woman’s birthright which they’ve been denied through the subjugation of their sexual energy. She would retain in her features some of the shift afterward.

A gorgeous diamond, she looked nothing like she did in pictures of her youth. As a mature woman, after a prolonged period of debilitating sickness, she awakened her sexual energy. Her lips naturally filled out to supermodel proportions. Even her receded gums regenerated which is considered a medical impossibility.

Realize all meditations are only two types

Before encountering that small group, I’d spent half of my adult life in Asia benefitting from special attention in two extremely important inner sanctums of Theravadin Buddhism. I took to living in caves and jungle practicing meditation. I became a fully ordained monk of the orthodox Theravadin forest tradition in northern Thailand. There and in Sri Lanka, I had two forms of mental training thrust upon me by adepts in them which blew my world not apart but right open.

The experience of Nibbana (Nirvana) was thrown into my system at a toe-in-the-door level of understanding by an accredited master in the world’s oldest lineage of Buddhist monks through the path of Vipassana. That monk taught me how to repeat the experience which is essential for becoming fully enlightened. I was objectively tested for it over and over by his lineage’s secret methods to make sure there was no mistake.

I need to get technical about these two forms of meditation for a few minutes as I wish to empower you, dear reader. Understanding the difference between these two types of meditation will open the rest of this article for you, perhaps your existence as well.

One is Samadhi, a Pali and Sanskrit word for what I define as ‘accessing the matrix of existence.’ Pali was the language the Buddha spoke. The other is Vipassana, a Pali word, which I define as ‘discorporating the matrix of existence’ as in, the opposite of incorporating. Being fully empowered as an Individual comes from experiencing the results of both types.

Samadhi usually translates into English as ‘serenity,’ ‘tranquillity,’ or ‘concentration.’ Samadhi is known throughout the world, viewed through the lens of local cultures in their religious teachings. From the blissful, mystic states of Christian nuns to the shamanic practices of the Balinese Hindu group I was initiated into years later, all fall into this category. Science tells us everything is made up of frequencies, like signals on radio waves. Full absorptions in Samadhi are like changing the station on the radio to another frequency.

A person can teach themselves Samadhi to the first level of absorption, if they have to, as it’s working with an increase in generated phenomena as the sign of progress. The ‘sign born of perception’ arises in many ways. For some, it may be light, for others sound, a tactile sensation or all three, plus taste or smell combined.

Vipassana, which means ‘inward vision’ and is usually translated as ‘insight meditation’ is unique to Buddhism. Most practitioners just find their lives go more smoothly for practicing it. My teacher liked to say the first sign of progress in it is that your friends become nicer people.

It uses a different set of objects of awareness than Samadhi as the purpose of the practice is different. Instead of developing concentration for absorbing into one finer frequency, to the exclusion of coarser frequencies, a person develops mindfulness which is an inclusive form of focus. Mindfulness sorts through the current impressions that flow through the sense doors moment to moment which create our everyday, mundane, coarse frequency of many working parts. 

In the Vipassana method I learned, one focuses on the abdomen rising and falling with one’s breathing or the feet during slow-motion walking. These are impossible to build a frequency with because they’re moving. As the mind naturally sifts through the mental and physical impressions that pop up, a person sees their reference points for self-identity. The opportunity arises to lose the ones that aren’t profitable.

Thoroughly developed, fully concentrated absorption into that object-in-motion drops a person’s awareness in between the cycles per second, so to speak, of the coarse frequency they’re already in. Then a person has an experience of no frequencies at all. This is like finding the on/off switch on the radio instead of tuning into a different station.

Those ‘cycles per second’ of coarse-frequency mundane awareness are composed of compulsively incessant moment-to-moment definitions and momentary subjective reactions to them. These are what shape our perception of reality. Stepping outside of them confers an understanding of what they are.

To know no frequencies at all is Nirvana

I prefer to use the Pali word Nibbana, as I’ve just heard too many woolly thinkers pontificate using the Sanskrit word Nirvana, all of them ambiguously. The Pali term is always quite specific. I like to define Nibbana as the ‘here and now free of definition,’ or as the ‘unformed,’ as my teacher of Samadhi liked. Understanding Nibbana at four progressively deeper levels confers enlightenment from barely to fully.

Now, all you need to know is there are just four ways to get to Nibbana for the big picture:

1) Vipassana preceded by Samadhi.

2) Bare Vipassana. Alternatively called ‘Samadhi preceded by Vipassana.’ That’s because at the moment of penetration there’s fully concentrated absorption into the chosen object of awareness which is in motion. This results only in the cessation of the awareness of all frequencies. Access to supramundane absorption (Nibbana) just requires momentary concentration, khanika-Samadhi in Pali.

3) Samadhi coupled with Vipassana.

4) The Zen koan.

How the Tibetans used sex to be enlightened

Tibetan Tantra is Himalayan shamanism with a thin veneer of Buddhist vocabulary. One can’t always expect sense when comparing its definitions to the original ones. It’s an incredibly powerful form of mental training, as the story that opened this article shows, although most practitioners never achieve such an ability.

Tantra is the Tibetan Buddhists’ ‘magician’s path.’ The practice of becoming-the-deity is a stage in a type of Samadhi. They then take this ability to concentrate and change the primary object of awareness to the concept of ‘emptiness,’ Sunyata in Sanskrit. Sunyata becomes their working object of awareness to access Nibbana. This is Vipassana preceded by Samadhi.

In their Vajrayana, (Sanskrit: ‘diamond vehicle’), some of their lineages teach that when the yogi is ready, the final step required to push him into the experience entails intercourse with a woman, ideally skilled in the arts of love.

Picture this exotic scenario from a bygone age: the Tibetan monk aspirant has been walled into a cave for the traditional period of three years, three months, three weeks, and three days, and fed through a hole in the wall. He’s equipped with instruction in different yogas, visualizations of deities, and their cosmological order.

Upon completion of this period, if he lives and is still sane, he’s cleaned up, and they sit a woman on top of him in copulation. The monk, whom one can assume has been a virgin up to this point, must not, absolutely must not, ejaculate. That’ll raise his vibratory rate on all levels! If he can remember his instructions in the heat of the moment, hang on (don’t forget, she’s supposed to be skilled), make it through her transformation into Vajrayogini still hanging on, then finally see past this to it all being empty, he attains Nibbana. This is Samadhi coupled with Vipassana.

These are developed together in tandem or, in collaboration in a stepwise fashion. My Thai meditation teacher in the northern monastery where I ordained put it simply: “One changes the object of awareness back and forth, very quickly from one to the other,” he said while wiggling two fingers to demonstrate back and forth.

The traditional story has it that before Vajrayogini gives the sexual initiation to the yogi, to be deserving, he must prove that if he spills his seed, he can suck it all back up. Stories are sometimes just that, but it certainly reinforces their seriousness about not losing it.

How psychedelic sex rituals make women more powerful

Working skillfully with sensual pleasure empowers the inherent divinities in our nature. Energy builds, vibrational rates rise, and focus reaches a higher frequency. As such, it’s a power practice.

 Of course, my date with an archetypal sexual deity is going to be very different than a Tibetan’s. If you put an electric guitar in a modern boy’s hands, you don’t get Baroque harpsichord music. The ‘music of the spheres’ is an ever-transforming soundtrack, as is sexual expression respectfully undertaken an ever-transforming act of worship.

How a god or goddess appears is very culturally specific. In my cultural mindset, post-Marilyn Monroe being responsible for a generation of platinum blondes, my sexual goddess has long hair I can run my fingers through for both of our sensual delight. I anoint her groomed body with essential oils, so she is lusciously scented. She wears light makeup, pleasing jewelry, and alluring lingerie for starters.

From my explorations, I’ve found female practitioners can have experiences of Samadhi in sexual rituals in two ways. In one, they enter a full absorption in which they’re unaware of their immediate surroundings. Instead, they have an experience of communion with that purified archetypal force of the primordial sexual frequency. It can be complete with instructional conversation with the deity, visions, and other auditory perceptions. The subjective length of this participation to the woman far exceeds the time of it objectively in this frequency.

In the moments of the shift (access to the absorption), along with staccato visual images for starters, there’s a ‘magnetic invitation’ coupled with the certainty that accepting it is beneficial. This shift often includes a light that the woman ‘becomes’ before emerging into the other frequency. Gratitude always accompanies this, along with a sense of donating love to an archetypal pool of such. A receptive state of mind is the forerunner, which is simple in a state of orgasmic bliss. 

In another manner of experience, the archetypal sexual force manifests with a radical shift of physical features. Visually, this transformation is always into a glowing, purified, sexually attractive form. There’s an old saying that all women are beautiful while they’re making love.

This expression approaches the fact that such divinity is inherent in women. Here, though, we’re talking about the difference in shine between a sequin and a laser-lit diamond. Their features become more classically symmetrical which is how we judge physical beauty.

The skin of the woman and the air immediately surrounding her take on an ultraviolet-red glow part way between lava-orange and pink. It’s easiest to see this energy field in indirect candlelight. It can be seen to a lesser extent in the access state to full absorption, and more entirely in full absorption itself.

This glow is the color brought to life of Vajrayogini in the paintings (thankas) that Tibetan practitioners use as a visualization aid for her. Great Truths get spoken in clear, ringing musical tones. There is no doubt for the man that he’s in the presence of divinity.

Astonishing, huge female ejaculations are not myths

Almost always signaling both of these types of Samadhi absorption in the woman are full-body orgasms complete with massive ejaculations of up to a half liter (two cups) or more of clear fluid, tantrically called amrita (Sanskrit: nectar), often repeatedly. After there’s proficiency in shifting, such ejaculations are still usually but not necessarily present.

Female ejaculation is not a myth. It’s a signpost of connection, both inner and outer, for a woman. For some, it’s natural, while for others, it’s a learned response. A woman who has established this connection inside of herself is said to be ‘sexually awakened.’ That doesn’t necessarily mean spiritually attuned, but physically attuned as a prerequisite in this case. Not all orgasmic ejaculations are a sign of accessing concentrative absorption.

The coarsest level of this connection occurs through physical stimulation. Finer levels include directing the attention while sitting untouched in meditation, up to just the hearing of a Great Truth spoken triggering the ejaculation. This level of orgasm reaches the realm of female sexual response as an oracle.

As my teacher of Red Tantra put it, “Women just awaken to the secrets of love, men need to train.”

That brings to mind the old saying that for women, first, sex is considered a relationship, and second, it’s an act, while for men, first, it’s an act, and second, it’s a relationship.

She also said, “It’s easier for a sexually unawakened woman to reach such frequencies with a sexually trained man than it is for a sexually awakened woman to get there with an untrained man. Of course, an awakened woman with a trained man is the ideal combination.”

How psychedelic sex rituals make men more powerful

One of the most accessible archetypes for a modern man to align with is that of the Noble Magician. It empowers him with the capacity to imagine, decide, and create. The act of identification with being a Noble Magician places a man in the center of events as the instigator of phenomena and a sovereign entity. It enables him to create his own effective rituals as ‘the one who knows’ with just basic guidelines. Tantric rituals are simply concerted positive efforts to direct your will upon a part of your environment or reaction to it that you’d like to change.

The Noble Magician is one of the most accessible archetypes because of the high value our culture places on the ethically empowered individual as an ideal. It’s in our group consciousness as an admirable quality. It’s one of the first initiations (empowering rituals) the Tibetans perform in their system of mental training. In the sexual ritual, the male Tantrica can easily reach the point of access in momentary concentration repeatedly when having reached an energetic expansion beyond the physical urge to ejaculate. A radical shift of features also takes place in this state of access.

His skin and the air immediately surrounding him glow. The glow may be the same color as the transformed woman. That depends on how much of her energy he knows how to absorb and wishes to run in this fashion.

Or it can be an ultraviolet-sky blue. This tone of blue corresponds with the traditional color of male sexual archetypal beings in Tibetan Tantra (Dakas) and Hindu Tantra.

The practiced man’s glow can also be white with rolling undertones of red. This shade of white with red corresponds with the depicted color of the mystical yogi Padmasambhava, the tantric noble magician who founded Tibetan Buddhism.

Whichever of these three colors his energy field lights up with; the practitioner is aware of the illumination. Staccato images flash on the periphery of his awareness in this state of access. An immense intake of spiritual information happens.

In full absorption, the perception of one’s surroundings can disappear. The ability to reach full absorption takes more training than just entering the access state does. The man must abdicate self-interest to get there because, as the instigating magician, he is more responsible for keeping the event on track for both of them. Such is the nature of yin and yang. It’s also the nature of appropriately worshipping the goddess.

Welcome to the pleasure dome: the art and practice of archetypal access

The primary sign of approaching both access and an absorption state for both sexes is the incredible, palpable increase of energy in their bodies. Just the sensual deliciousness of the expanding sexual energy is enough to work with integrating into their balanced dance. The couple needs to keep their increasing vibrational rates building in harmony. Focussing on energetically connecting their torsos, and remembering to smile, maintains a calm, blissful center to the cyclone.

The first visual sign of progress is a more attractive appearance to your lover’s face through his or her features refining into greater symmetry. Accompanying this is a change in the texture of the air surrounding him or her.

Keep creating energy, storing it in your body’s peripheral awareness and directing it back into your lover. Sometimes eye contact is essential. Stay balanced in your dance. Do it ‘til you’re satisfied!

That may come to mean many hours later (perhaps six to eight, depending) you’re a pair of wonder-filled, euphoric lovers cuddling down in your nest. You’ve morphed through the sensual celestial realms right there in the universal amphitheater with plenty of profound lessons. Perhaps soaking up to thirty bath towels in gallons of woman’s amrita (Sanskrit: nectar; Tantra: clear female ejaculate) in the process. Namaste! Time to integrate.

Sacred substances: medicine for becoming

Prudent use of entheogens facilitates these shifts. In a sexually-unawakened woman, they can bypass the ejaculatory response or initiate it. In an awakened woman, they enhance it many times over. In a man who is still in training, they can assist him in expanding past the urge to ejaculate, especially MDMA. The danger in their usage is real, including death. Indiscriminate use is a basis for madness. Due diligence is everyone’s responsibility.

That said, there are organically derived, recreational psychotropic substances traditionally used for spiritual purposes which are generally regarded as safe (GRAS). The margin of exposure (MOE, how much a person takes for how long) for them is so high that it’s impossible to die from consuming them, i.e., reach their LD50 levels, unless you’re really trying to.

‘LD50’ is an abbreviation for ‘lethal dose 50%’. It’s the scientific term for measuring the toxicity of substances. It refers to the amount required to kill half of the test subjects. Even water has an LD50 level, as does arsenic. Knowing the differences can mean life or death.

For spiritual purposes, that means ideally positive mental development is safely facilitated chemically by compatible biology transpersonally resonating with an archetypal ‘plant teacher’ for an ennobling shift of perception.

Those entheogens are cannabis, LSD25 (always modified from organic bases), psilocybin, psilocin, peyote, and its derivative mescaline. Ayahuasca, which hails from the shamanic tradition of the Amazon and contains DMT, is also considered safe. That’s when it’s brewed without additives such as datura, commonly called ‘deadly nightshade’ for a good reason. For psychedelic sexual purposes, the vomiting and initial stomach discomfort don’t make ayahuasca or peyote particularly appealing.

This doesn’t mean that you may not come down sideways from where you went up if you ingest a massive amount of any of the above or the set and setting aren’t suitable. ‘Set and setting’ refer to the mental state of the consumer and the physical circumstances while taking the substance. The appropriate intention, emotional condition, as well as physical jurisprudence, such as being healthy and drinking enough water, are all essential.

I’ve taken LSD at least three hundred times. MDMA, I’ve taken at least four hundred times. I’ve been blessed in that 99% of my experiences with MDMA centred on ritualised tantric sex, as have many of my LSD trips.

Want to know what’s best for enlightening sex?

MDMA takes the prize as the best tantric entheogen. Once commonly known as ‘Ecstasy,’ it’s strictly sourced from safrole, the essential oil of the sassafras plant. Safrole can be manipulated from other base materials such as nutmeg. It does have an LD50 level well within the range of potentially lethal overdosing. It serves one to remember that modern pharmacology tells us the difference between medicine and poison is the dosage, echoing Paracelsus (Dosis facit venenum, ‘The dose makes the poison’).

Medical researchers consider MDMA to have extremely beneficial therapeutic value, as they do all of the other substances mentioned above.

Moments of expanded awareness loan us a valuable perspective on ourselves by slicing through our habitual responses. We freshly reconsider our headlong rush through decisions and reactions by allowing for other possibilities. We can use a boost to put space into our habitual responses to stimuli for better balance in becoming.

As vehicles for spiritual development, it’s best to ingest entheogens with a purposeful intention based on an accessible format. Otherwise, time spent influenced by them can be likened to getting into a car in an icy parking lot, putting the pedal to the metal, yanking on the steering wheel, and spinning in circles for several hours. Initially exciting, it’s probably disorienting, and not much use of the opportunity at hand. The next article in this series, How to Create Powerful Psychedelic Sex Rituals, details one format of intending.

What’s the take-away?

Intending from the outset to integrate lessons from these altered states into our daily living and reviewing them afterwards for that purpose provides us with the opportunity to ennoble our interactions with others. As the direction of any conversation belongs to the most conscious person engaged in it, we can then better influence others for the benefit of everyone.

The ancient, esoteric science of human development called ‘Tantra’ has developed over the last two millennia. Traditionally, its practitioners considered the sexual act to be inviolably sacred. In recent decades, the word is popularly a euphuism for escort services in newspapers and on the internet.

There’s been much borrowing of the term throughout these millennia for it to be debased into just meaning sexual fast food in our culture. But it doesn’t. Underneath the disposable, lurid wrappings where people rarely peek, ancient wisdom blooms fresh in the hearts of some women and men. Its power and clarity nourish those that use sex and drugs to morph into interpreted archetypal forms. They incorporate such for their personal betterment and thereby society’s enrichment. Their donation of love ennobles our world.

Defining Tantra in twenty-one words could be stated like this: Mundanely, it is mastering the comings and goings between interactive frequencies. Supramundanely, it is preparatory purification according to the human blueprint.

As such, Tantra is the art of living itself. It’s the management of all we say and do to coordinate our passions with our intentions so that they correspond with the desired forces of the universe. It’s recognizing within ourselves those resonant qualities that are important. Then, it’s striking a focused chord of mindfulness with those desired forces to sort our identifications into alignment so that every part of daily living supports our becoming.

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This article is woven with extremely condensed threads pulled from the book Sex, Drugs, Enlightenment: Noble Secrets from an Orthodox Buddhist ex-Monk. They have been reformatted with minor changes and subtitles for cohesion.

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