Discover the enlightenment secrets of orthodox Buddhist masters, revealed for the first time in a mind-expanding autobiography. This insider’s memoir advocates using entheogens (substances that generate the divine within), especially cannabis, MDMA, and LSD, in sacred sex rituals to intimately understand the nature of reality. Not just an eye-opening introduction to both esoteric and historical Buddhism, it’s a juicy meditation manual crucial for our times. This fast-paced account of women and men’s full potential will empower you to get the most out of life!

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Energize, Expand, Understand!

Unveil the
Inner Sanctum
with the
Mysterious Alex Walking
as your Noble Friend
‘My intention is to bring you to the threshold of your mind, then give you a nudge. From there, you can draw on your other resources to better understand and work with the nature of reality.’
‘We were mildly high on a little pot. “Watch this,” she said… My new lover’s face suddenly and completely morphed… I’d just come face-to-face with a Tibetan Buddhist tantric deity.’
‘Of course, my date with an archetypal sexual deity is going to be very different than a Tibetan’s.’

Sacred Sex:
Theory and Practice
of Archetypal Access
– chapter 15

‘Female ejaculation is not a myth. It’s a signpost of connection, both inner and outer, for a woman. For some, it’s natural. For others, a learned response. A woman who has established this connection inside of herself is said to be ‘sexually awakened’.’
‘As my teacher of Red Tantra put it, “Women just awaken to the secrets of love, men need to train… an awakened woman with a trained man is the ideal combination.’

Sacred Substances:
Medicine for Becoming
– chapter 13

‘In loving, she had the amazing ability to morph spectacularly into the archetypal sex goddess, ‘She Whose Name Cannot be Spoken by Human Tongue’… This goddess is the most seductive, irresistible enchantress that you could ever imagine but didn’t know enough to… [She] is the awakened female sexual access to the matrix of existence.’

‘Helen repeated many times that it was all about creating energy, storing it, and directing it. She would throw a force at me while sitting across from me that often registered as a blinding flash of light. It was always extremely fast.’

Mysterious Secrets of
the Northern Monastery
– chapter 10

About Alex Walking

From Chapter 1 – Put This in Your Pipe…

‘By twenty-two, I was bored with living in the fast lane of dealing serious amounts of herb in an urban existence of bodyguard-chauffeurs, stash apartments, restaurants, and night clubs. The year I was eighteen, I sold close to one ton of imported marijuana alone, not counting the hashes or oils. I had no misconceptions about being a ‘big dealer’ though. Big dealers use forklifts…

Without looking for anything ‘spiritual,’ my path crossed some very special persons in the world of Theravada Buddhism (pronounced ‘terra-VAH-dah’), who changed my direction radically. This led to six years of living in Asia over a spread of seven in the mid-eighties… I ended up living in caves and jungle practising meditation. That took me well off of the beaten track in India, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

Later on, as a fully ordained monk of the orthodox Theravadin forest tradition in northern Thailand, I also returned to my favourite ancient cave temple by a beautiful waterfall high in the hills on the remote backside of Sri Lanka. Brahmi script carved in the rock over its door identified it as the abode of a monk renowned in an ancient text for his mastery of supernormal powers. In this fairy tale setting of unspoiled jungle, I came to the painful realisation that my productive time in robes was over.

This period was incomparably formative due to a lot of comprehensive instruction in two types of meditation… [It] climaxed with the experience of Nibbana being thrown into my system at a toe-in-the-door level of understanding. That was done by an accredited master in the world’s oldest orthodox lineage of Buddhist monks through the path of Vipassana.’

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Energize, Expand, Celebrate Your Answers!

DMT and Ayahuasca
– chapter 14

Inner Sanctum
Secrets of Vipassana
– Theory and Practice E

‘An authentic piece of esoteric knowledge, it’s a secret hidden in plain view. Only the initiated can see it for what it is.’
‘The monks… had mastered the incredible ability to sit in Nirodha Samapatti, the ‘attainment of cessation’. Each monk sat making the intention to enter the state and sit for exactly twenty-four hours. In a few minutes, their breathing would stop. Then they’d turn ashen grey with no signs of life while they remained upright, motionless.’

Grokking Nibbana
– Theory and Practice D

A Gift of Dhamma

Free advanced Vipassana meditation booklet by ‘The Meditation Teacher for all of Thailand’ (chapter 9)

Manual for Checking Your Vipassana Kammatthana Progress

‘In my possession is a tattered, yellowed booklet, the text is twenty-one pages long, written in 1961 by Phra Tepsiddhimuni (then Phra Rajsiddhimuni). The commendable English translation by Thai volunteers in 1964 is entitled ‘Manual for Checking Your Vipassana Kammathana Progress’. Kammathana in Pali means ‘place of work’. Here, it refers to the insight knowledges as stages of development or ‘places’ within the mind.’

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