The Whys of Sex, Drugs, Enlightenment: Noble Secrets from an Orthodox Buddhist ex-Monk

“It’ll be tough to sell books if you want to stay anonymous,” said the American national best-selling author as we walked on a deserted, white sand beach. He’d flown over 6,500 miles (10,460 km) to interview me about a particular Tantra tale. I’d made him sign the most restrictive NDA (non-disclosure agreement) he’d ever seen. Among other things, it forbade him from mentioning my nationality, my whereabouts, or any personal history. Watching the seabirds dive in the waves for fish, he was encouraging me to write an autobiography.

“Well,” I replied, “it’s a matter of ‘don’t quit your day job.’ I’d never get another piece of straight work in my life. I’d be copping to some pretty intense drug use.”

That was six years ago. I didn’t know then that the book would include a vivid description of an entheogen-enhanced, well-practiced sexual ritual with my wife. She nixed three versions of a particular chapter until I added it, saying the others “just don’t deliver.” She was right. Now it does, and privacy matters more than ever.

From the start, the point was to reveal the secrets of actualizing human potential that I was privy to in Buddhist Asia. These secrets are unknown outside of a few small circles. I wanted to share how in me they bloomed into an enriching unorthodox practice when transplanted into a different cultural soil. I wished to do this for the good of us all.

That author sent me an email last year. He was working the circuit of US cities publicizing his latest book with personal appearances, hoping that he could make it in New York. I wished him success.

I believe that the new paradigm of information-sharing through the internet is changing all of the rules. I’m hoping the ideas and facts I present will spark imaginations and catch fire, eventually empowering many a person as an Individual. Who I am is inconsequential.

When the Buddha first became enlightened, he thought (and I paraphrase), “No one will ever understand this. Best I just duck out now.” A finer-frequency being read his thoughts and dropped into the forest grove where he sat. “Of course everyone won’t understand but some will. Please stay and teach for those who have just a little dust on their eyes.” Seeing that to do so would be noble, the Buddha stuck around for forty-five more years.

I can’t fathom how many humans have benefitted over these 2500 years since the Buddha decided to share his discoveries. I’ve been richly rewarded by his act of consideration and those of my teachers. You can be, too. We aren’t all one, but we are all connected. Let’s have fun while we inspire each other.

I wrote Sex, Drugs, Enlightenment: Noble Secrets from an Orthodox Buddhist ex-Monk to be a cultural milestone, encouraging the direction of our collective development on many levels. For it to become so, it needs the participation of aware persons. Sharing this site’s links or quotes is a donation of love to the cause. This cause of collective development hopefully includes you, dear reader. A moment of your time may be the pebble that changes the course of humanity’s river.

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Respectfully yours in Dhamma (The Buddha’s Teaching),



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